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For more than 10 years Icaro Godoi has traveled the country capturing amazing stories with striking cinematography for a variety of movies, docu-series, unscripted and scripted television. Icaro works closely with directors and producers to provide quality content that reflects his client’s vision from projects with a small crew and limited resources to complex and more elaborate undertakings. As a DP/Camera Operator Icaro emphasizes the details of the story through audio content and shot composition while bringing a rich look to a simple shot through lighting techniques.

Recent Work


“Some DP’s can only do reality shows. Some can only shoot commercials.  Others, are camera operators who have only have worked on scripted shows.  Icaro has the skills, knowledge, aesthetics to do it all!  Life is too short to work with people who are not fun and don’t have talent.  You will have many opportunities to work with the fringe players; but do yourself a favor and don’t do it.  Icaro will take your idea to the next level.”

Suzanne JurvaDirector, Producer - Feature Film Executive at DreamWorks

“I have worked with Icaro for several years. I worked with him on commercials, Reality TV, live sporting events and sizzle reels for clients. He is just not a DP, but Icaro knows the whole production picture. From lighting, setting up shots to managing the footage he is always one step ahead. Finding a DP who already knows the next shot to grab before the Producer made my job all the smoother!” 

Kris JohnsonProducer - Two A Days

“Icaro is a pleasure to work with. He is a great visionary and truly understands the art of story telling through a visual medium. He is collaborative, creative, and will whatever it takes to get the shot.”

Cheryl WayneProducer - Ink Master

”I have a had the pleasure of working with Icaro over the past several years and he has always been an asset to have on my team.  His creativity and attention to detail brings the finished product to a whole different level.  I would recommend him to anyone looking for a skilled DP.”

Rachel SigurProduction Manager - Louisiana Media Company

“I’ve worked with Icaro on two Travel Channel shows, Hotel Impossible and Baggage Battles. The shooting schedules were tight but we always got it done. He has a great attitude and a good work ethic. I always look forward to working with Icaro.”

Jonathan DeaverCamera Operator - Baggage Battles

“Icaro is a great guy to work with. Talented, knowledgeable and tech savvy with a great attitude”

Leo LawrenceDirector of Photography - Glam Fairy

“I worked in the field with Mr. Godoi on Hotel Impossible for several episodes. He was always punctual, quick on his feet, and a team player who enjoyed the art of collaboration. He also had a knack for executing creative shots without having to be directed and in some of the most precarious situations. I highly recommend his services.”

Steven Matty Supervising Producer - ARCTIC RECOVERY | Animal Planet

“I worked with Icaro on Friday Night Tykes for over 3 months. He is very story minded and always looks for the extra shot. I would work with him anytime and anywhere in the world. He’s a team player.“

Allen GreenLocation Sound Mixer - Modern Marvels

With technical expertise, an artistic eye, and a great work ethic, Icaro is a pleasure to have on any crew. I look forward to working with him again in the near future.”

Alex GoldsteinAssociate Producer - Hotel Impossible

“Tremendous job!! You captured some beautiful images and many great moments. You should be proud of your contribution to the show. It was a pleasure working alongside you brother, for real.

Thank You Icaro — BEST!”

Steve KoontzProducer - Friday Night Tykes